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…With the Drug Store

December 30, 2009

blue soapbox  By phone, drug stores are amazing.  You can ask to talk to a pharmacist at nearly any hour and get quick, accurate information without going through a doctor—even if you didn’t purchase your prescription there.

But trekking to the pharmacy in person?  Yikes.

Why can’t I leave my prescription and come back later? Instead of waiting in line just to drop off my scrip, I’d like to “deposit” it, then wander around putting hand sanitizer, hair dye, Hawaiian-style potato chips and People magazine into my cart.  Can someone explain why the store insists that I instead inch forward with my Sudoku, seething, thinking of the Tequila aisle, not to mention all those sedatives and mood stabilizers behind the counter?

Is there some kind of cost-prediction black hole that affects only prescriptions? OK, now I’m at the front of the line, and you can’t give me a price for my medicine until I come back and go through the line again to pick it up?  Is there any other retail transaction like this on the planet?

Is it just me, or are those shoeprints in the pharmacy line hilarious? The cute embedded images of a left and right shoe sole in the floor, a few feet away from the counter, do not reassure me that my privacy is being respected.  When the pharmacy technician shrieks “What is the prescription for?” it kind of bursts the confidentiality bubble, no?  For the record, I do not wish to announce in public that I’m picking up a refill of the prescription-strength Dramamine I take for existential nausea.  Or the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug for chronic incendiary rhetoric.  It’s simply nobody’s business.

Published in Piedmont Post June 24, 2009